Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Group on ‘Engineering Education for International Students’

The Special Interest Group (SIG) on ‘Engineering Education for International Students’ was launched on 20 August 2020 with the purpose of bringing together members of the AAEE community interested in international student education in engineering. The activities of the SIG include quarterly webinars and discussion forums with aims and objectives as outlined below. The SIG on ‘Engineering Education for International Students’ is currently led by Dr Siva Krishnan.

SIG Aims
• To promote deeper understanding of the motivations, needs and challenges of international students in engineering courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.
• To develop curricula that are inclusive of their learning needs, provide pathways for recognising previous engineering qualifications and expertise, and qualify their entry to professional practice.
• To build the capacity of international engineers and measure the impact of pedagogy on international student learning and achievement.
• To raise the profile of international engineers by strengthening the professional identity, particularly in postgraduate courses through programmatic experiential and work integrated learning.
• To develop the confidence of engineering businesses to offer placements and internship opportunities to international students and thereby influence the future of professional engineering work.

SIG Objectives
• To increase membership and active participation of engineering educators with AAEE activities
• To foster recognition that graduate quality and employment outcomes of international engineers entering the workforce, particularly through postgraduate courses, is a sector-wide challenge.
• To influence engagement of staff in engineering units across the sector to collaboratively address challenges facing engineering education of international students
• To collectively engage with engineering business organisations for harnessing learning and work of international students entering the workforce.

Engineering Education for International Students SIG Mailing List

Sign up for upcoming news and events from the SIG on ‘Engineering Education for International Students’ – email Jayashri Ravishankar (jayashri.ravishankar@unsw.edu.au).

Higher Degree by Research Students Network

AAEE’s Higher Degree by Research (HDR) Students Network is a collection of PhD and Masters by Research students working on projects related to engineering education. Organised by students, for students, the network catches up monthly, holds organised networking and social events with international colleagues and in 2020 launched the inaugral AAEE HDR Symposium, a half-day workshop focusing on providing mentorship and peer-feedback on students projects. If you are a PhD or Masters by Research student working on a project related to engineering education and interested in joining the network’s mailing list please email Ashlee at s3690066@student.rmit.edu.au