AAEE HDR Symposium

The AAEE Higher Degree by Research (HDR) Symposium in Engineering Education Research offers an opportunity for Masters by Research and PhD candidates to explore and develop their research projects under the guidance of well-known senior scholars. During the HDR Symposium, participants share their current dissertation work, exchanging feedback, as well as network with peers.

The aims of the symposium are for HDR students to:

  • Network with other students to extend their network in EER,
  • Present and constructively discuss their own work and the work of others,
  • Receive constructive feedback and input from scholars outside their own institution, and,
  • Contribute to the AAEE community.

In 2020 the inaugral AAEE HDR Symposium was led by Prof. Les Dawes and Prof. Olivera Marjanovic. Information about and applications for the 2021 AAEE HDR Symposium will be available mid-2021.