Expressions of interest are being called from institutions interested in hosting the AAEE Winter School for 2017.

Process for submitting an EOI to host the AAEE Winter School

This document sets out the process for submitting an EOI as well as requirements for organising, funding and running the AAEE Winter School.

Decisions on where to hold the AAEE Winter School will be made at a meeting of the AAEE Executive. The following process will be followed for deciding on where the Winter School will be hosted:

  1. Universities or consortia interested in hosting the Winter School should prepare an Expression of Interest (EOI) of no more than 2 pages, as per the following guidelines and forward it electronically to the AAEE Executive Excellence in Education Coordinator. EOIs will be accepted up to 31st August of the year before the proposed Winter School year (so 31st August 2016 to host in 2017).
  2. EOI’s will be considered by the AAEE Executive and the successful bid will be notified by 31st October, 2016. Only one EOI will be considered successful; unsuccessful EOI’s will be invited to submit again the following year.
  3. If the EOI’s received by the executive are considered inadequate, the executive reserves the right to ask for additional information, or to call for further submissions at both stages of the process.
  4. The location of the 2017 Winter School will be announced at the conference in December and it is expected that advertising material for the Winter School will be available for dissemination at the conference.

For enquiries and submissions, please contact the AAEE Executive Excellence & Education Coordinator: Dr Tom Goldfinch, University of Wollongong, Tel: (02) 4221 3138


Requirements for an Expression of Interest to host the AAEE Winter School

An EOI should not be more than 2 pages with font no less than 11 point Arial or Calibri.

The following points should be addressed:

  1. Institutional Support: The AAEE executive needs to ensure that there is sufficient institutional support for the successful planning and management of the Winter School. The institutional support that will be provided if successful should be described in the EOI. The EOI should be signed by the Dean (or equivalent), or the Associate Dean (Teaching & Learning) (or equivalent).
  2. Proposed Co-ordinator & Facilitators: Details of the proposed Winter School co-ordinator (being a staff member at the hosting institution) and the proposed facilitators should be included. The co-ordinator should be a member of AAEE.  It is expected that the facilitators will also be members of AAEE but this requirement can be waived for an individual facilitator with some specialised expertise if the AAEE Executive is satisfied as to the suitability of the facilitator in question.
  3. Venue Details and Proposed Dates: An outline of the proposed venue, including the benefits of hosting the Winter School at that venue is required, along with the dates for holding the Winter School.
  4. Agreement of Conditions for Hosting an AAEE Conference: A statement of agreement to each of the conditions outlined is required (as a checklist is acceptable).

The EOI should reflect the following additional considerations:

Hosting costs

Hosting the winter school brings the benefit of significantly reduced travel and accommodation

expenses for participants from the host institution. As such, the host institution will be responsible for covering the cost of venues and catering for the event, including the Winter School Dinner. As a guide, these costs normally total less than $2000 for up to 10 participants. The host institution representative is encouraged to attend the School as a participant for no charge.

Running costs

Costs for facilitators’ honorarium, travel and expenses, and promotional materials are to be covered

by registration fees, and underwritten by AAEE.

Facilitator rates

To run effectively, the Winter School should have a facilitator to participant ratio of no more than 1:5, with a minimum of 2 facilitators. Facilitators are paid an honorarium of $1000 for running and preparing the School.

Registration fees

Registration fees are set at $800 for Academic staff participants (including research

assistants, project officers etc.) and $500 for Research Students. These fees are subject to change in line with increasing costs.

Roles and responsibilities

Facilitators: Facilitators are responsible for organising the program and content of the Winter

School. The focus of the School will generally be on Engineering Education Research, with other key issues around scholarly work in engineering education covered from time to time in response to participants needs.

Host institution representative: The host institution representative is responsible for organising venues, catering and resource printing/photocopying, and advising the facilitators and participants on travel and accommodation options. In return, the host institution representative is encouraged to attend the event as a participant free of charge.

AAEE Executive Committee: The AAEE executive committee holds responsibility for managing registrations and finances, and promoting the event to its’ membership, ACED and other key groups.

Dates and Registration.

The Winter School should be planned for late June/early July in a week where most universities have finalized Semester 1. To enable confirmation of facilitators and travel arrangements and for invoices to be sent out, participant registrations should close 1 calendar month prior to the scheduled commencement of the school.