AAEE Awards Information

The AAEE Annual Awards

The AAEE Annual Awards recognise outstanding contributions to engineering education in Australasia. Awards are presented each year at the AAEE Annual Conference and are judged by a panel of experts drawn from across Australasia. They include the:

  • Australian Council of Engineering Deans National Award for Engineering Education Excellence for demonstrated excellence in Engineering Education
  • Engineering Education Research Design Award for rigorous, innovative and transferable research design in the field of Engineering Education
  • Engineering Education Engagement Award for fostering an excellent standard of successful engagement with stakeholders in Australasian Engineering Education

The 2021 awards will open later in the year.

Citations for Outstanding Early Career Contributions to Engineering Education

In addition to the AAEE Annual Awards, AAEE also awards Citations for Outstanding Early Career Contribution to Engineering Education.  These are also awarded at the Annual Conference and judged by a panel of experts from across Australasia. Citations recognise and reward the diverse contributions made by individuals to the quality of engineering student learning and teaching at the early stages of their career.

The 2021 awards will open later in the year.

Distinguished Member Award

The Distinguished Member Award is awarded by the AAEE Executive Committee to recognize an outstanding member who has tirelessly contributed to the AAEE community over the course of many years.