With this open call for papers we welcome all submissions addressing one or more of the topics listed below but particularly encourage authors of papers presented at the 2017 Research in Engineering Education Symposium (REES2017), in Bogotá, Colombia. REES2017 paper authors are invited to submit extended and elaborated versions of their paper for the Special Issue after benefiting from feedback at the conference.

Submissions are sought for original research articles addressing transitions in contexts such as:

  • assessment of secondary school to tertiary education transition
  • first-year student success and retention
  • embedded engineering practice in engineering education
  • engineering alumni/practitioners
  • workplace problem solving simulations,
  • real world collaborations (e.g., service learning and capstone projects),
  • engineering identity and socialisation.

Instructions for contributors

For more information on how you can contribute and what is involved click here. Alternatively contact one of the editorial team below.

Editorial information

Guest Editors:

Sally Male, Chair in Engineering Education, School of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering, The University of Western Australia.  (sally.male@uwa.edu.au)

Valquiria Villas-Boas Professor Center of Exact Sciences and Technology, Universidade de Caxias do Sul, Brasil (vvillasboas@yahoo.com)


Senay Purzer, Associate Professor, School of Engineering Education, Purdue University(purzer@purdue.edu)

Bruce Kloot, Academic Development Lecturer, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Centre for Research in Engineering and Science Communication, University of Cape Town (bruce.kloot@uct.ac.za)