AAEE is pleased to announce the ‘AAEE Online Awards Roadshow’. The Roadshow showcases and celebrates the award winning contributions to Australasian engineering education made by the recipients of the AAEE Awards. Sessions will take the form of 20 minute presentations from the award recipient(s) followed by a 40 minute moderated discussion. Details for the first wave of presentations are included below, with more to follow shortly. We look forward to celebrating this outstanding work with the AAEE community.

Developing Innovative Teaching Materials That Strongly Support Student Learning (Worked Example Videos in Undergraduate Engineering Courses)
2019 AAEE Citation for Outstanding Early Career Contributions to Engineering Education
Dr Sarah Dart
Wednesday 03 June, 2-3pm AEST
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From small beginnings in 2016, Dr Dart’s collection of 200 worked example videos now collectively have over 120,000 views from delivery to over 8,000 students. The videos focus on communicating the key underlying strategies required to solve the example problem at hand and are designed to enable and empower students to develop conceptual understanding and problem solving skills. The videos have proven efficacy in a range of areas including supplementing face-to-face tutorials and lectures.

Dr Dart will provide an overview of this award winning work in this session followed by a facilitated discussion.

Improving student outcomes via innovative approaches to feedback and reflection
2019 AAEE Citation for Outstanding Early Career Contributions to Engineering Education
Dr Sasha Nikolic
Tuesday 16 June, 2-3pm AEST
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Better feedback needed’ is a constant message found in student evaluation surveys from across the world. How can this be done effectively and efficiently when academics are so busy? Dr Nikolic has developed an adaptable and time efficient framework used across multiple subjects that incorporates reflection with self and peer based feedback.

Dr Nikolic will provide an overview of this award winning work in this session followed by a facilitated discussion.

Design, Build, Break, Repeat – 20 years of Monash Motorsport
2019 AAEE Award for Engineering Education Engagement
Dr Scott Wordley
Tuesday 23 June, 3-4pm AEST
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Over 20 years Dr Wordley has worked building the Monash Motorsport Program engaging students, colleagues, and industry with engineering education through Formula SAE – an engineering competition challenging university teams to design, build and compete with small, open-wheel race cars. He integrates project components into design units at multiple levels of the curriculum and sustains extensive alumni networks that connects current students with internships and career opportunities domestically and globally.

Dr Wordley will provide an overview of this award-winning program, focusing on the program’s curriculum integration and the benefits to students. This presentation will be followed by a facilitated discussion.

Inspiring students to learn programming through student-centered, active learning
2019 AAEE Citation for Outstanding Early Career Contributions to Engineering Education
Dr Tony Vo
Monday 29 June, 11am – 12pm AEST
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Since 2015, Dr Tony Vo has played a critical role in the teaching, enhancement and coordination of a large, core first-year engineering unit, ENG1060 — Computing for Engineers. Typically, 1100+ students are enrolled per year, which presents challenges with student engagement. Furthermore, the concept of programming is foreign to many first-year engineering students who can find it confronting to learn. Tony has successfully transformed the teaching delivery from didactic to student-centred active learning using constructivist principles and exploring the possibilities of physical and virtual environments to maximise student learning.

Dr Vo will provide an overview of this award winning work, followed by a facilitated discussion in this session.

Assessment of Socio-Technical and Co-Design Expertise in Humanitarian Engineering
2019 AAEE Award for Engineering Education Research Design
Dr Andrea Mazzurco and Dr Scott Daniel
Thursday 09 July, 12-1pm AEST
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Humanitarian Engineering (HE) is emerging in universities and professional workplaces worldwide. HE projects exist at the intersection of engineering and sustainable community development, and therefore socio-technical and co-design expertise are fundamental. However, such skills and mindsets are difficult to teach, learn, and assess. There is a need to develop effective teaching and assessment strategies, dependent upon clearly operationalised definitions of both socio-technical and co-design expertise.

In this workshop, the Energy Conversion Playground (ECP), a scenario-based assessment developed to assess socio-technical thinking and co-design expertise in the context of humanitarian engineering, will be discussed. Participants will have the opportunity to work with the assessment and discuss how to develop their own scenario-based assessments for other constructs.

Code of Conduct:

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