Congratulations to the award winners announced in the opening session of the 2021 REES-AAEE Conference!


Duncan Fraser Award for Best Student Paper, sponsored by Engineering Institute of Technology

Winner: ‘Rural knowledge practices and engineering study: a case study from South Africa’ by Hellen Agumba and Zach Simpson (South Africa)


Best Paper, Research Category

Commendation: ‘Volunteer Professionals in an Undergraduate Design Challenge: Contributing to and Practicing Globally Responsible Engineering ’by Bryce Neuman and Jonathon Truslove (Germany, UK)

Commendation: ‘Recentering local knowledge and developing collaborative relationships: reflections on the design of a localized engineering program for former “street youth” in western Kenya using an asset-based framework’ by Dhinesh Radhakrishnan, Jennifer DeBoer, and Nrupaja Bhide (USA)

Winner: ‘Professional Shame as a Socio-Psychological Mechanism for Marginalization in Engineering Education’ by Mackenzie B. Sharbine, James L. Huff, Nicola W. Sochacka, and Joachim Walther (USA)


Best Paper, Practice Cateogry

Winner: ‘Evaluating Outcomes in Two Engineering “Clinic” Subjects’ by Glenn J. Bradford, Paul N. Beuchat, and Gavin Buskes (Australia)


Australasian Journal of Engineering Education – Best Paper Volume 25

Winner: ‘Exploring student disability and professional identity: navigating sociocultural expectations in U.S. undergraduate civil engineering programs’ by Cassandra McCall, Ashley Shew, Denise R. Simmons, Marie C. Paretti, and Lisa D. McNair