Award winners were announced on December 6 at the gala dinner of the AAEE conference.

Congratulations to the following winners:

  • Citations for Outstanding Early Career Contribution to Engineering Education
    • Awarded to Ashlee Pearson (University of Melbourne) for leadership that has enhanced the experience of higher degree research students studying in the field of engineering education
    • Awarded to Michael Carr (University of Newcastle) for innovatively using a portfolio assessment approach in a first-year mechanical engineering design course to improve learner engagement and develop life-ready engineers.
  • Engineering Education Engineering Education Engagement Award 2022
    • Awarded to Tom Goldfinch and Jade Kennedy for “An enduring community-academic partnership for Aboriginal Perspectives in engineering education”
  • Distinguished Member (YODA) Award
    • Awarded to Tim McCarthy (University of Wollongong) for sustained contributions to the AAEE community
  • Best Student Paper at AAEE Conference 2022
    • Awarded to Claire Dixon, Jade Kennedy, Juliana Kaya Prpic, Melitta Hogarth, Martin Tomko & Sally Male for “Study of faculty staff undertaking an on‐Country experience to bridge western engineering and Indigenous worldviews – Research design”
    • Commendation to Ashleigh Kirkland, Cornelius Paardekooper, Joshua Flynn, Dylan Cuskelly, Elena Prieto‐Rodriguez, William McBride & Alexander Gregg for “Scalable Vivas: Industry Authentic Assessment to Large Cohorts through “Debate Club” Tutorials”
  • Best Research Paper at AAEE Conference 2022
    • Awarded to Sarah Dart, Sam Cunningham, Alexander Gregg & Amy Young for “Representation of future‐focused teaching capabilities in selection criteria used to recruit Australian engineering academics
    • Commendation to Nick Brown, Jeremy Smith, Scott Daniel & Cris Birzer for “Exploring the Position of Humanitarian Engineering in Australia
  • Best Practice Paper at AAEE Conference 2022
    • Awarded to Emma Heffernan, Leela Kempton, Clayton McDowell, Pabasara Wanniarachchige, Kanchana Wijayawardena, Tillmann Boehme, & Timothy McCarthy for “The Sustainable Homes Challenge: Pedagogical and employability benefits and challenges of participating in an interdisciplinary applied design project
  • Best Paper, Australasian Journal of Engineering Education, Volume 26
    • Awarded to Justin L. Hess, Sharon Miller, Steven Higbee, Grant A. Fore, and Joseph Wallace for their paper titled “Empathy and ethical becoming in biomedical engineering education: a mixed methods study of an animal tissue harvesting laboratory”